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"10 questions to Sabine Gloaguen"
by Gallery Astro (photo agency of the French Association of Astronomy)

Interview Gallery Astro

This seemingly innocuous photo of "the pontoon under the stars" is a good reflection of the work of Sabine Gloaguen, who will remember the bites of the cold for a long time to come. The thermometer dropped to -25°C at night and the gusts of wind at 60-70km/h created a feeling of around -40°C. “Never have I experienced such difficult conditions, even during my experiences beyond the Arctic Circle”. Dantesque conditions in the image of his work. Nocturnal landscapes, closer to nature and a very marked, artistic, almost dreamlike composition.
His work, his vision of photography and this image in particular to discover by clicking on the image above.

"Interview with an astrophotographer"
Team Astro Fleet

Extract from TF1's JT / 20H 05/09/2021
"Night of the Stars"

Interview / Journal of Haute-Marne
Montier Festival 2017

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