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About me

Mechanical engineer, Sabine devotes a large part of her free time to outdoor activities. A trip to Scandinavia to discover the aurora borealis is at the origin of his interest in nature photography. The material acquired on this occasion allows her to broaden her horizons and it is quite natural that she starts nightscape photography.

It is a new world that offers itself to her: that of nebulae, galaxies, comets ... A world, as mysterious as attracting, which becomes even more accessible thanks to the use of an equatorial mount that allows it to perform long exposures.

Her evolution pushes her towards the use of more specialized equipment and it is with the support of her companion, Bastien Foucher, that she discovers astrophotography with astronomical lens and CCD camera.

Today, one third of humanity can no longer observe the splendours of the Milky Way because of light pollution. This is why she continues her quest for landscapes and starry skies to recall their beauty and highlight about the importance of protecting them from the development of human activity.

His images and time lapse are regularly noticed in competitions such as the Photo Nightscape Awards, the TWAN photo contest or the international Festival de Montier. The French Association of Astronomy offers a beautiful showcase via its image gallery.

In 2018, his companion realizes a dream of amateur astronomer by discovering a candidate planetary nebula in the middle of the nebula of the Tarantula. He decides to associate Sabine with his discovery: FoGl 1 was thus created, first line of a new astronomical catalog.

For more details and the genesis of the discovery, click on the image below:

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